Travel, work and play safe from COVID-19

ImmuvID provides progressive, and affordable COVID-19 screening and identity verification, accessible on mobile and online for everyone. Keep your team, your customers and yourself safe

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Completely secure health status in a QR Code readable by any registered mobile device. Unique health status ID can’t be shared. User privacy is 100% guaranteed.

In the era of COVID, businesses want to ensure that they create safe environments for their employees and customers.
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Get access to a quick COVID test in a convenient location, get up to date information about changing regulations and prove your health status with a secure QR code.
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Join the community and get access to users looking for Labs in their area.
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Stop the spread of COVID-19 and offer your passengers a safe COVID-19 checked flight.
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Offer your customers a safe, COVID-19 checked experience.
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Travel Agencies
Become a leader in the new market of COVID checked travel packages and make it easy for your customers to trust travel again and to navigate the complexities of changing regulations during the pandemic.
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Privacy Guaranteed

ImmuvID guarantees data privacy and security every step of the way. With our Self Sovereign Digital Identity system, the user owns their data and has full control on how it is shared at all times. At control points - the data related to identity and COVID status is read but cannot be stored or shared. The user's movements are not tracked and connections that might jeopardize security, like bluetooth, are not required at all for the platform to function. ImmuvID is fully compliant with the European GDPR directive.

Protect Public Health

Become an active and safe member of society during the pandemic by getting tested and proving your COVID status every step of the way. By combining ImmuvID with public health measures like wearing a mask and respecting social distancing, we can safely re-open the economy while taking care of each other

Avoid Contagion

Stop contagion without having to rely on goodwill only. ImmuvID is not a contact tracing app and relies on actual proof of health status before contagion happens. This strategy allows us to stop transmission before it happens by creating safe spaces.

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