ImmuvID is a platform that allows for the creation of safe physical spaces during a trip, at work or in the community.

ImmuvID serves as a guarantee for the veracity of any COVID related test, wherever you are, without the need to present your sensitive medical data anywhere. ImmuvID gives you the peace of mind that wherever you go, all of the spaces signed up to our platform, have ascribed to a very high standard of care and all other clients and personnel in these spaces have the same guarantee as you.

ImmuvID is a 360º experience that gives you access to the ecosystem you need to live with (and in spite of) the pandemic: testing labs, medical centers, insurance packages, relevant regulations, airlines, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs or co-working spaces so that you can focus exclusively on your work (if that's why you are travelling) or to enjoy yourself if you are a tourist

The Platform

From an intuitive web and app based user experience to a sophisticated back end that can be configured to suit your business's needs, ImmuvID is an end-to-end solution that is ready to change the way you live, work and travel during the pandemic. We would delighted to schedule a personal demonstration of the platform.
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Privacy at the Core

ImmuvID guarantees data privacy and security every step of the way. With our Self Sovereign Digital Identity system, the user owns their data and has full control on how it is shared at all times. At control points - the data related to identity and COVID status is read but cannot be stored or shared. The user's movements are not tracked and connections that might jeopardize security, like bluetooth, are not required at all for the platform to function. ImmuvID is fully compliant with the European GDPR directive.
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The Team

ImmuvID is a joint venture that was born at the start of the pandemic uniting mature, tried and tested technologies from several countries to create a new solution specifically aimed at getting people back to work, travel and life in general during the pandemic.
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Joint Venture

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Get started today

Take the first step and take control over the safety of your business, employees and customers. We would be delighted to schedule a 1:1 demo of ImmuvID and demonstrate how it can help your business.
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